r77 soccer school

Grassroots Heroes Awards 2023 - Club of the Year

R77 Soccer School have been awarded Grassroots Club of the Year 2023!

London FA are proud to announce that R77 Soccer School have been awarded Grassroots Club of the Year 2023!

r77 soccer schoolR77 Soccer School is making a difference in progressing young and aspiring boys and girls from underprivileged backgrounds by providing a platform to guide players and push boundaries to achieve what they could never imagine. R77 is home to over 150 players from ages 4-16, allowing players to positively express themselves on the pitch and provide opportunities in coaching and mentorship. 

Based in East London, they have focused on making a hub that is welcoming of all, allowing children of different ambitions to come together and develop in the game. They have seen success with players progressing to trials at academies, particularly allowing football opportunities in the South Asian community based locally to the club.

R77 have instilled a mentality of supporting in local charity work through running the #GlobalGameProject initiative in which the club and community come together to fundraise for the less fortunate through charity matches, individual fundraising and various dessert stalls set up by players to raise money. Most recently, they have fundraised over £32,000 to support the entitative and working to set up a football academy in Gambia. The project is ongoing, and the club and community continue to donate to worthy causes through the #GlobalGameProject.

Congratulations to R77 Soccer School!