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The Menace of South London - the story of Peckham Town FC

London FA team Peckham Town have partnered with Copa90 and Tiny House Films to share the story of how the Menace came to be.

Tiny House Films reached out to the well-established South London club over a year ago to put into film the compelling story of Peckham Town.

It was club founder and Chairman Bryan Hall’s childhood dream to start his own club and to build at team for Peckham to be proud of and to join a divided community. The documentary really showcases the power that grassroots football has in bringing people together and crossing the invisible boundaries made by the society around us. 

Paul Mills from Tiny House Films had this to say on the making of this documentary: "I'm local to Peckham and have known about the club for some time. However, visiting and meeting the volunteers endeared us so strongly to the club that after the first we were absolutely set on making this film. The club has such a welcoming, community feel that was captivating. 

"The grassroots element of the story was also important to us. So often football content tends to focus on the upper echelons of the game, with great stories from the lower leagues going unnoticed. We felt this was an opportunity to tell a story that might otherwise have been missed."

This documentary encapsulates the importance of volunteer run clubs in London. With so many different stories to tell, from the incredible volunteers who support the club to the appointment of Arsenal, England and Peckham legend Mary Phillip as Head Coach to how they took ownership of the name Menace, you will finish watching the film with a new appreciation for what it takes to build a grassroots club. 

You can watch the full documentary below.