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Faith Associates to deliver FIFA Forward Project inter-Madrasah tournament

London FA & Middlesex FA has commissioned Faith Associates to support the FIFA Forward Project.

London FA & Middlesex FA has commissioned Faith Associates to deliver an inter-Madrasah football tournament as part of the FIFA Forward Project.

Faith Associates is a non-theological consultancy with two decades of experience supporting the needs of ethnic minority faith-based communities. Faith Associates is recognised for working with Mosques, Madrassahs and Islamic Centres to provide training, deliver strategy and support development. They possess experience in providing support and development to management and key individuals in faith institutions to help them navigate common and complex challenges. By working with agencies nationally and internationally, they have challenged the misconceptions faced by faith-based communities to achieve greater inclusion with an emphasis on females and young people.

The team at Faith Associates will be supporting Nayim Ahmed, Volunteering Development Officer to achieve the aim of the FIFA Forward Project: More people – more diverse – better communities. The project involves a comprehensive review of Mosques, Madrassah’s and Maktabs (Islamic Schools) in London and Middlesex, engaging community leaders, and supporting their training and development. 

Nayim Ahmed said: "We are delighted to have confirmed our partnership with Faith Associates to support us in engaging, training and developing activators and leaders. We really hope this provides a great opportunity with a community that is passionately invested in developing young people and has a deep love for football. Our local stakeholders have already responded so positively to our plans. We are really excited to see this project come to life and what doors it could potentially open up to engage with more leaders from underrepresented groups. We were hugely impressed by how Faith Associates shared their vision and their expertise in delivering it successfully through the recruitment process."