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Footy Addicts


Footy Addicts is an app every football lover needs. It connects players with local small-sided football games and allows game organisers to post and manage games online stress-free. 

The platform makes it easy to find casual football sessions at various London football venues, including:

For anyone and everyone who loves a good kickabout, Footy Addicts is the place to be. Whether you're 18 or 80, a newbie or seasoned pro, there's a game waiting for you. No judgments, just football for all.

With thousands of players hitting the pitch every month, everyone can enjoy a friendly atmosphere and meet people from all walks of life.

‘It’s more of a togetherness and just being able to play football with players who back in school probably wouldn’t let me play.’

George from Hackney

Footy Addicts' Mission

‘Happier, healthier and more connected communities through the power of football.’

Over the past decade, Footy Addicts has made a significant contribution to the utilisation of local football pitches as well as promoting social cohesion in local communities and improving the physical and mental wellbeing of participants through football. The platform has helped to break down barriers and enables connections among people who might not have otherwise met.

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