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Footy Addicts

Footy Addicts

If you love football, Footy Addicts is just what you need. It's a simple app that links you up with football games nearby. And if you're organising a game, it helps you set it up online, easy, quick and free of charge.

Gemma, a photographer who regularly plays in Footy Addicts women’s games, says that the games have ‘such a nice atmosphere to learn and build up confidence’. 

A partnership with London FA, started in 2017, aimed to get more women playing football. And it worked! You now have casual games every week at these locations:

Inclusive Football for all

Over the past ten years, Footy Addicts has made a difference in local football, turning empty pitches into lively spots where people from all around come to get their weekly football fix. It doesn’t matter who you are or how well you play – there’s a place for you here.

Through their commitment to grassroots growth and enriching the football culture, they have laid the groundwork for  the future of football that is vibrant and inclusive. This commitment has driven the sport's expansion and also spread the love and excitement of football in local communities.

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