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Referees play an important role in grassroots football across the Capital.

That's why here at the London FA we are dedicated to producing, supporting and enabling a small army of highly motivated and immensely talented, FA qualified referees!

London FA supports the work of over 1,000 affiliated match officials all living within the capital and all of whom are dedicated to the grassroots game as much as they are to their own personal development.

Our referees are recruited, trained and examined to enable a smooth grassroots operation. As they gain experience further opportunities are provided to aid their development and progression. Appointments are made to adult and youth County Cup ties, together with games in certain FA competitions.

This work is co-ordinated by the Association’s Referee Development Officer, Deryll David, who leads teams of volunteers working as tutors, mentors, coaches and observers. As a result, the London FA’s strategy and tactics have seen a steady increase in the number of match officials over recent years.

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Referee overlooks a game.

Temporary Dismissals

As of the 2019/20 season, temporary dismissals - otherwise known as 'sin bins' will be utilised within all levels of grassroots football from Step 7 and below.

Make sure you're aware of how sin bins work and the way they're utilised within matches.

Referee faqS

As long as you are a registered referee, you can referee anywhere in England.


It entirely depends on what step you currently officiate at.

Temporary Dismissals have been brought in at 'STEP 5 and below', this includes adults and youth grassroot football.


£140. The price includes all essential referee equipment that you need to start officiating at the end of your course.

Referees are considered to be 'self-employed'. As such it is the responsibility of the individual to ensure they are compliant with HMRC.

Referee societies are a fantastic way to stay in touch with other referees in your area and develop your skills. In London there are a range of societies operating and we encourage referees to join one as soon as they begin officiating. Membership of a local referees' society will include membership of The Referees' Association, the national body representing the interests of referees.

Click here to visit AFALONSAR's website.

14 years old is the minimum age you must be to qualify as a Referee.

Every season thousands of Referees up and down the country leave home and start their time at university. So whether you're moving out of the county, or moving in, we want to make sure you're able to continue refereeing whilst you study for your future career.

Moving to London? There are plenty of opportunities available to referees moving to study here in London. However, in order to take advantage of these we will need to affiliate you with London FA. Once you have confirmed your move, contact us and we will talk you through the affiliation process (it's really simple).

Leaving London? If you're leaving London to study elsewhere in the country, you will need to affiliate with your new County FA. However, if you are planning to come home regularly, you can still affiliate with London FA and be an associate member of the new county you have move to.

Contact for assistance.

The FA National Referee Strategy (NRS) sets out the organisational blueprint of the key principles, frameworks and structures for referee recruitment, retention and development. The NRS demonstrates The FA's commitment to maximising the opportunities for inclusion, participation and development at all levels of the refereeing pyramid across a range of roles in refereeing.

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Packed full of information for everybody involved in grassroots football, make sure you take a look at the London FA 2023/24 handbook.