We thank you

During this incredibly tough time for everybody, London FA’s referee department has established Refcognition – a page dedicated to recognising our capital’s referees who continue to work on the front line throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

Here, we highlight our referees in their day jobs and the amazing work they’re doing to help keep us going during this unprecedented time.

From all at London FA and on behalf of the capital, thank you for all you do.

Lawrence Torz-BrownName: Lawrence Torz-Brown

Referee Level: Level 3

Leagues You Referee: Contrib/National League South (assistant referee) and National League (fourth official)

Personal Highlight of 2019/20: Being on the line at Maidstone vs. Dulwich in front of 2,500 people and personally having a good game.

Role: Firefighter for LFB

Duties and Responsibilities:

Put out fires using water hoses, fire extinguishers, and pumps
Find and rescue victims in burning buildings or in other emergency situations
Treat sick or injured people
Prepare written reports on emergency incidents
Clean and maintain equipment
Conduct drills and physical fitness training
Provide public education on fire safety

Message to Readers: Please stay at home and keep safe, follow the government guidelines and never leave cooking unattended! I hope everyone is keeping safe and although these are difficult times it’s so important to be as safe as possible, protect yourself, follow the government guidelines and when this is all finished enjoy time with your loved ones once again.

What Motivates You Each Day? I am motivated by a number of things but going to work to help members of the public and working with a great group of people makes the job so enjoyable. I am motivated to improve myself in my job and refereeing and find there is a great work/life balance.

Notis LiappisName: Epameinondas (Notis) Liappis

Referee Level: Level 4

Leagues You Referee: Combined Counties FL

Role: Amazon delivery driver

Duties and Responsibilities: Deliver parcels to customers’ door

Messages to Readers: Stay home, stay safe, stay positive. We will win!

What Motivates You Each Day? Learning new things and setting ambitious goals for myself

Elliot RyanName: Elliot Ryan

Referee Level: Level 7

Leagues You Referee: Hackney and Leyton Adult Sunday League, Hackney and Leyton Junior Saturday League

Role: Teacher

Duties and Responsibilities: Currently going into work to look after key worker children as well as teaching lessons remotely from home via Zoom etc.

Messages to Readers: Take care of yourselves, look after each other and we will be back doing all the things we enjoy when the time is right.

What Motivates You Each Day? Just making sure I'm doing what I can to help not just pupils I teach but following Government guidelines.

Tunde JokosenumiName: Tunde Jokosenumi

Referee Level: Level 7

Leagues You Referee: Metropolitan Sunday Football League, Crystal Palace Youth Football

Role: Patient Record Officer

Duties and Responsibilities:

I currently work at the King’s College Hospital’s Foundation Trust, as Patient Record Officer. My roles and responsibilities is to maintain confidentiality of patient information and asset management security and to make sure that unauthorised people don’t gain access to other people’s information.

What Motivates You Each Day? I enjoy working in Patient Records. I’ve done so for six years. I enjoyed working in the department because it is an opportunity to further education into information security, asset information management and confidentiality of information. There are many things one can do in Patient Records and that includes ISO specialist, loose material file specialist, file clerk, front desk clerk and the most important skill to work in Patient Records is organisational skills in order to be successful.

Additional Information: My role also allows me to calm down customers feeling unhappy with the service provided or the service provider. I am responsible for investigating the issue and resolving it to satisfy the customer whilst operating within company guidelines.

It is challenging to sit down with the customer and make sure they are comfortable before asking them to explain the situation to me. I report to the head of department and apologise to the customer and take steps to ensure the situation will not happen again. I also call customers when they’re back at home to ensure they’re well looked after following the initial situation.


Jack PhillipsName: Jack Phillips

Referee Level: Just promoted to Level 5

Personal Highlight of the Season: My highlight was being appointed to referee in the middle of the London U15 Champions Cup Final.

Role: Police Constable

Duties and Responsibilities:

I am a police constable working on the front line, out and about mainly making sure everyone is okay, as well as making sure people stay safe indoors and only go out when absolutely necessary. Unfortunately crime still goes on during this time so responding to emergency response calls is also a daily duty. Hours are long naturally but knowing that what we are doing is making a difference gets me through the day.

What Motivates You Each Day? What motivates me every day is knowing that what I am doing within the police is helping get the UK back normal as quickly as possible; protecting people’s lives so that our future is better for everyone. If we can overcome this, we will all become closer and more connected than ever and everyone will have a lot more respect for each other. Also, the sooner we get back to playing and officiating football the better, the quality of development of refereeing is always growing and I know as part of the London FAmily (All Jack's work - Ed), we’ll come back stronger than ever.

John RatcliffeName: John Ratcliffe

Referee Level: Level 5

Leagues You Referee On: Bromley and South London, Woolwich and Eltham Sunday, British Schools, BUCS and Youth Alliance

Personal Highlight of the Season: Seeing Burnley beat Manchester United

Role: Emergency driver for doctors

Duties and Responsibilities:

I drive the emergency doctors out of Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital Greenwich on calls around the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

Key message to readers: Please follow advice. There is a long way to go.

What Motivates You Each Day? Each day is different and making a difference.

Daniel HughesName: Daniel Hughes

Referee Level: Level 7

Leagues You Referee On: None yet as only recently passed the referee course. I am registered with the Southern Amateur League

Role: Police Officer

Duties and Responsibilities:

Responding to 999 calls as well as proactive patrolling.

Key message to readers: We're all struggling with the current circumstances. Check on your neighbours, elderly relatives or anyone you’re able to provide a helping hand. Community matters, more now than ever. Big shoutout to all the health workers.

What Motivates You Each Day? I’m used to placing myself in danger due to my job, but the current situation is far outside the job description of health workers everywhere and yet they carry on. All the hard work I’m doing at the moment is for them. They are inspiring.

Aubyn GrahamName: Aubyn Graham

Referee Level: Level 5

Leagues You Referee On: Bromley & South London Football League, The Southern Counties East Football League and Isthmian Development League

Personal Highlight of the Season: Promotion from Level 6 to Level 5

Role: Community Centre Manager

Duties and Responsibilities:

Day to day management and administration of a community centre in Peckham. The centre provides a 5-day-per-week Day Centre for elderly people and community space for local community groups. My tasks include personnel matters, premises management, and minibus for the centre and ensure the centre respond to the needs of the local community by providing services and activities of benefit to local residents. I also have to engage with the community network.

Key message to readers: Be mindful of the effects of your actions/behaviour and or decisions on other people.

What Motivates You Each Day? Having a good day at the Day Centre with the elderly people, i.e. seeing people being content with their day out and not dwelling on their care of health issues.

Refereeing - seeing a great goal scored in my game.