Referee Mentoring and Volunteering

Referee Associations and Societies

The Referees' Association provides important support, guidance and mentoring to grassroots referees.

Referees Societies are local branches of the Referees Association organised by referees for the benefit of Referees. Local societies operate like a self-help group where you can meet with other referees to discuss different aspects of your game, share experiences and debate issues.

The Referee Society for London FA is AFA & LONSAR Referees Society.

Other benefits of joining the Referees Association include:

  • Membership of a strong national association through your local society
  • Monthly meetings in your locality for social and cultural activities
  • Comradeship and advice on refereeing matters from experienced colleagues
  • Assistance with your development as a referee
  • Representation of your interests at County and National levels with the full support from the RAE should you be the victim of unfortunate circumstances or should you receive unjust treatment.
  • Guidance on matters affecting promotion.
  • Direct access to the best range of referee kit and equipment in the country