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Coach Membership - Season 2021-22

London FA Coach Membership Season 2021/22

The London FA Coach Membership is an Annual Membership which provides access to apply for all Continual Professional Development (CPD) sessions throughout the 2021/22 season.

The cost of the Membership is £37 and consists of short 2- or 3-hour sessions and the subjects will update quarterly with new sessions. These will include but not limited to, Disability Awareness, Analysis, Position Specific Coaching, Mentoring, Content of the Youth Modules, Preparation for UEFA B Licence and Bridging series of the new Coaching Pathway to the former Pathway.

Coach Membership and CPD Events

In partnership with Coach Membership, London FA offer regular CPD events to help individuals strengthen the depth and breadth of their coaching knowledge. To book onto our CPD events please go to Application Page.

London FA Coach Members are entitled to early registration access to CPD events as well as 50% discount.
For more information on our CPD events, click here.

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