A Tribute to Floros Nicola

In memory of one of the most inspirational and dedicated coach educators to work with London FA. It has been 3 years since the passing of Flo, The Lon

Flo was a loyal friend to me and my dad and a very giving person, he would do anything I asked him, he was forever there for me. He was such an inspiration to the candidates that passed through him, no one ever had a bad word about him and like wise he did not speak ill of others. Flo was a very hardworking person, he was the one person I could rely on to go anywhere, day or night and he always delivered and I know in my heart he will not be replaced because he can’t be replaced.
Mark Drabwell

A man named Mr Flo.
In this business you make a lot of acquaintances and not many friends. Flo was not only a valued and respected colleague but a genuine friend who I miss every day.
Neil Fowkes

Flo was one of the best and coolest guys to watch and learn from. He taught me so much about what it meant to be a great tutor, coach and student of the game. What made his mentoring so amazing to me, was that he had the gifted ability to always relax you and make you feel welcome. To this day I still miss him and will always miss him.
Corey Donoghue

3 years have passed since we last saw Flo. We still talk about him which is a good thing. Good memories from a guy who was caring, thoughtful, good humoured and a warm hearted guy. He was an inspirational tutor who made learning fun. He is truly missed
Josie Clifford x

Flo had me in stitches every time I spoke to him, a man with a great heart, amazing soul and outlook to life. He is a great loss to this world, there should be so many more like him but will be a challenge to find. Still remains in all our hearts and never ever forgotten x
Summer George

Flo was more than an excellent tutor, he was a great character. I was proud to have him on our team of coach educators. As an ambassador for the Association I had total confidence that he would always represent us in the best light. A truly nice man.
David Fowkes

Flo Nicola my friend and mentor.
We lost a very special person when we lost Flo. He was so special and unique in every way and I miss working with him, spending time with him, his friendship and always will.
He helped and inspired so many coaches and children over the years and has left a huge gap in our football family. I will continue to follow the example that he set.
I miss you Flo love Jodie x x
Jodie Drabwell

Flo was a very special friend,miss him every day.Many fond memories.RIP.
John Drabwell

“ Flo was one of our members but it was as a coach educator that I first really got to know him. I was on a course to renew my Safe Guarding Children course then known as Child Protection and being the oldest by quite some margin I was struck by the easy going style that he had which embraced the young Coaches and made them listen intently  and thereby learn. He was always cheerful and smiling when he attended any of our sessions and therefore the LFCA wishes to be added to the list of all those who are remembering him at this time
Ken Goldman

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