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Medical Identity Cards for Referees

New card to form part of referees' matchday kit.

London FA is delighted to announce the launch of an important addition to the matchday kit of our grassroots referees.

When approached with the following question: “If something happens to a referee, who has their medical information?”

If anything happened to a player, the manager or coach would have this information. However, nobody possesses this information for the referee.

Therefore, as an answer to this question, London FA has produced a medical ID card specifically for referees.

This small ID card can be handwritten on and has space for emergency contact name and number, in addition to details of any medical conditions or allergies the referee may have.

Once completed, this card is intended to be carried inside the referee’s wallet, along with their sin bin card, in case it is needed.

London FA’s Workforce Development Officer, Nicholas Wright, said: “While we hope that the ID cards are never needed, there are times where medical information relating to the referee and an emergency contact may be very important. As not all referees are known by the clubs, it’s important that this information is accessible.

“The welfare of our referees is our biggest priority and we hope that, by making these cards available for referees to carry with them on matchday, it will ensure that in the event it was ever required, this crucial information is available quickly.”

The use of the medical ID card is completely voluntary. The information contained is not being requested by London FA and will not be stored in any other place.

To obtain a referee medical ID card, please email

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